Project 4 Overview – S23

Project Overview

Click here to download a copy of the Lab Notebook Template for Project 4.

Laboratory work for Project 4 will be completed in pairs. You must complete your laboratory notebooks individually. Lab partners will work together to prepare and present the final presentation.

Project 4 is an opportunity for you to participate in a real-world research experience. Using the skills you have mastered in your CHEM 205/206 laboratory experience, you will design and investigate an untested small-molecule synthesis based on a model system. As the researcher, you must choose your starting materials, predict the reaction product(s), and decide how to analyze the outcome of your experiment. You will summarize your work in an oral presentation delivered to your class during the last week of lab.

NOTE: This is a true research experience. As such, your goal is not simply to get to the final product. You might not even get there at all! Instead, your goal is to investigate the efficacy of the generic procedure on your chosen reactants. If a reaction fails, investigate why that might be the case and see if you can troubleshoot the problem!

Learning Objectives

At the end of this project, you should know how to:

• Plan and execute a small-molecule synthesis based on a model system

• Plan and execute a reasonable analysis of a small-molecule synthesis

• Effectively communicate scientific work and analyses in an oral format

Project 4 Score Distribution

Project 4 Experiment Design Plan    15%

Lab Notebook 4     20%

Project 4 Presentation     65%