Project 3

Project Overview

Click here to download a copy of the Lab Notebook Template for Project 3.

Click here to download a copy of the Project 3 Summary & Reflections.

Laboratory work for Project 3 will be accomplished in two-person teams. Each assignment (e.g., workshops, quizzes, notebooks) must be completed individually.

In organic chemistry, setting up and running a chemical reaction is often the most straightforward part of an experiment. In many instances, the biggest operational challenge is the purification of the desired product and/or the analysis of the data. In Project 3, you will utilize many of the skills you refined in Projects 1 and 2. In addition, Project 3 introduces you to a new method of product purification (i.e., derivatization) and includes an in-class data analysis workshop that will introduce some more advanced methods of NMR analysis.

Learning Objectives

At the end of this project, you should know how to:

• Plan and complete a chemical reaction by scaling a generic procedure based on literature precedent

• Explain the concept of purification by derivatization

• Recognize some limitations of basic characterization data (IR, NMR, and GC-MS)

• Use certain two-dimensional NMR methods to distinguish between isomeric reaction products

Project 3 Score Distribution

Project 3A Prelab Quiz     10%

Project 3B Prelab Quiz     10%

Workshop: Advanced NMR     5%

Proficiency Quiz: Advanced NMR I     10%

Lab Notebook 3      50%

Project 3 Summary & Reflections     15%