Project 3 Overview

Project Overview

Laboratory work for Project 3 will be accomplished in four-person teams. You will work with your lab partner on one reaction while another two-person group will work on a related reaction. You will share the data for the two reactions between the two groups. Each assignment (e.g., workshops, quizzes, reports) must be completed individually.

In organic chemistry, setting up and running a chemical reaction is often the most straightforward part of an experiment. In many instances, the biggest operational challenge is the purification of the desired product. In Project 3, you will utilize many of the skills you honed in Projects 1 and 2. You also will practice one of the most common and important methods of purifying a reaction product – column chromatography. In addition, Project 3 includes an in-class data analysis workshop that will introduce you some more advanced methods of NMR analysis.

Learning Objectives

At the end of this project, you should know how to:

• Plan and complete a chemical reaction by scaling a generic procedure based on literature precedent

• Purify a reaction product by column chromatography

• Recognize some limitations of basic characterization data (IR, NMR, and GC-MS)

• Use certain two-dimensional NMR methods to distinguish between isomeric reaction products

Project 3 Score Distribution