Course Description

Chemistry 206 is the second half of a two-semester exploration of organic chemistry. The course is intended to provide a strong foundation for advanced courses in the sciences, including CHEM 302 (Spectroscopy), CHEM 317 (Inorganic Chemistry), CHEM 326 (Biochemistry), and several courses in biology. CHEM 206 also meets requirements of those pursuing careers in the health sciences.

The laboratory experience is a fundamental component of the course, and it is intended to introduce a parallel set of concepts and skills that complement the material presented in lecture. CHEM 206 Lab builds upon the techniques and principles explored in CHEM 205 Lab. You will continue to practice skills required to perform and analyze experiments in organic chemistry, including the use of spectroscopic methods (IR, MS, NMR) as analytical tools. In addition, you will begin to practice skills related to planning,  developing, and executing new experiments as well as effective communication of your results.

The lab is NOT designed merely to demonstrate or illustrate lecture material. The concepts and reactions presented in lecture were first discovered in a laboratory. The laboratory results were used to develop theories, which were then further tested, validated, and applied to new situations. If it were not for laboratory studies, we could not understand the concepts, reactions, and applications of organic chemistry! The purpose of lab is to build your skill in experimental validation within the context of organic chemistry.