Presentation Guidelines

You will report your work on Project 5 in an oral presentation delivered to your class during the final week of lab. The requirements for your presentation are outlined below.

1. Your presentation should be 10-15 minutes in length.

2. You must prepare a visual aid (e.g., Powerpoint presentation) to accompany your presentation. Your presentation file must be uploaded in the Project 5 section of Blackboard before your lab meeting.

3. Your presentation must include the following major elements:

• Introduction and Background. Explicitly state and describe the purpose and context of the investigation.

Investigation Methodology. Explain how you carried out the investigation by providing a general description of your procedure. Appropriate terminology and scientific descriptors should be used.

Argument. Articulate claims about your findings based on the purpose described in the introduction. These should include the identity, quantity, and purity of the major products obtained during the investigation. Present the evidence you gathered during your investigation and rationalize why it supports your claim(s).

Your presentation will be graded according to the rubric provided below. Make sure your presentation is consistent with the expectations described in the rubric.