September 2016 archive

Data become art in Julie Freeman’s “We Need Us”

Artist Julie Freeman uses nature-generated data as art material to create sculptures. She records all kinds of things like birds, insects, and buildings. Each sculpture uses the metadata found on Zooniverse to relate to a project scene. You will see in the clip, how each scene has its own sound and movement. Data becomes art …

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Ted Talks Pertaining to Psychology This Ted Talk describes WHY seemingly normal people cross over to the dark side of immoral behavior.*caution GRAPHIC images My Second TED Talk is by individual reading author, Elyn Saks and her battle through college, law school and daily life with schizophrenia.

Beyond Surface-level Pedagogy

This article is worth the read.  It is a fresh take on teachers staying up to date on how to use technology in the classroom.  The author references a story that really brings attention to the fact that often times teachers think they are truly embracing digital scholarship, when really they are already behind the …

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Confessions of a Self-Taught College Instructor: Embracing the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

This is an interesting piece calling for professors and teachers to approach their work as a form of scholarship in itself. The article provides an neat perspective on teaching and learning as “an act of intellectual invention”.

TED Talk: Depression, the Secret We Share

In this TED talk, Andrew Solomon concisely and effectively offers insight to many unspoken and misunderstood facets of depression from what it feels like, what it is, to alternative solutions and socionomic prevalence and implications.  He opens up about his own experience with depression and how he was able to overcome it.  Solomon uses experiences …

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TED Talk: Being Just Crazy Enough

In this TED Talk, comedian Joshua Walters, offers a different perspective on being bipolar and having manic episodes.  He offers the idea that one can choose to deny the illness and go through life over medicated, or one can use the illness and the manic episodes as a tool.  He spends most of the clip …

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TED Talks – Marine Biology

Mike duGruy: Hooked by an octopus Mike deGruy is a marine zoologist that became interested in the field after a remarkable encounter with an octopus. He recounts the meeting and points out some of the differences between animals living in our oceans. He explains an entire ecosystem living in the mid-ocean ridge unknown to the …

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Internet Trolls — Another View…

Here is an interesting counter view to our KM article read — “How to Tame an Internet Troll” This view argues that trolls provide a useful function in society — “Why We Meed Trolls…“


As Karen Hadley argues ,Situated learning theory positions the ‘community of practice’ as the context in which an individual develops the practices (including values, norms and relationships) and identities appropriate to that community. It simply creates an environment in which learners can simply make useful meaning from real day to day activities such as field …

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Rhetorical Analysis

Rhetorical (Hopefully?) Analysis             As humans we always strive to feel a connection with other beings and a mutual understanding of a topic with the others in whatever situation we may be in. For example, if one were sitting in a chemistry class listening to a lecture, one would hope …

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