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TED Talk: Depression, the Secret We Share

In this TED talk, Andrew Solomon concisely and effectively offers insight to many unspoken and misunderstood facets of depression from what it feels like, what it is, to alternative solutions and socionomic prevalence and implications.  He opens up about his own experience with depression and how he was able to overcome it.  Solomon uses experiences …

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TED Talk: Being Just Crazy Enough

In this TED Talk, comedian Joshua Walters, offers a different perspective on being bipolar and having manic episodes.  He offers the idea that one can choose to deny the illness and go through life over medicated, or one can use the illness and the manic episodes as a tool.  He spends most of the clip …

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TED Talks – Marine Biology

Mike duGruy: Hooked by an octopus Mike deGruy is a marine zoologist that became interested in the field after a remarkable encounter with an octopus. He recounts the meeting and points out some of the differences between animals living in our oceans. He explains an entire ecosystem living in the mid-ocean ridge unknown to the …

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