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Evicted Review

2016 is an election year. Thus, we are hearing a lot about what America “needs.” One thing that is often overlooked is those in poverty. Political rhetoric is generally aimed towards middle-class Americans. Therefore, it is rare for the poorest of us to have a voice, but Matthew Desmond found a way. When someone is …

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Languishing in poverty in United states means striving and engaging into in gladiatorial battle that average people take for granted such as being able to put a meal on the table and have a place to sleep. Of all this basic needs, perhaps the most crucial is having a dignified place that people living in …

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Eviction Response

Andre Cutrim FYS What is a Scholar AAR# 3 Poverty is an ongoing problem in America today with many government programs to help the poor very few make a real difference. Evicted by Mathew Desmond is about the broken eviction system that leaves families in a cycle of boredom. Mathew Desmond is an American scholar …

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