Research Reflection

Truthfully, I feel like I have not gained much knowledge from my research yet. I think this is because I have not applied what I have found yet. I ended up Google searching book reviews for The High Price and chose reviews from The Boston Globe, The Guardian, and the Kirkus Review. Next, to obtain a biological overview of the author of The High Price, Carl Hart I applied previous knowledge to know to search on Columbia University’s faculty website to find Carl Hart’s description. I then looked on The High Price’s website to find a description of the author section. To find other works he has done, I went on the Boatwright Memorial Library website and searched “Carl Hart”. When I did this, a long list of works popped up that Carl Hart was affiliated with. This includes writings that are either about him, about his works, or works that he has written. I then specifically chose works that he has authored. This has ranged from scientific journals to works to discussing societal issues of how we tackle drugs based on narratives.

This process of research is not that different from the process I used in high school. My high school has online databases that were somewhat similar to Boatwright’s.

From here, I need to take the research I have done so far and apply it into my project about my author and his book. I also need to do more research on the topic on scholarship that I want to tackle. I am interested in looking into the topic of bias in scholarship. I am interested in this because bias exists in our society everywhere and is currently being fought against for social justice, whether it is bias due to race or gender. I would like to explore how bias also exists in scholarship.










Book Review:


Boston Globe

The Guardian

Kirkus Reviews



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Published:Scientific American

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