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And so it continues…

Here is another great article exploring the topic of scholarship in social media…or is it scholarship? ┬áThe author writes of his own scholarship and use of blogs and Twitter, being cited, and struggles within the academic scope of these forums being valued. http://www.digitalpedagogylab.com/hybridped/social-media-service-and-the-perils-of-scholarly-affect/

Twitter and Tenure

Following on our class discussions on Social Media and Twitter as forums for scholarship and the question of “appropriate” spaces comes into play – here is a post from today’s InsideHigherEd as an Association publishes a committee report on Social Media and its impact on Tenure decisions, “Twitter Your Way to Tenure.”

What does “Pedagogy” even mean?

In an effort to find a unique blog that would be less likely for multiple students to follow, I went to trusted Google and searched for the top higher ed blogs. EdTech posted a great list of the “50 Must-Read Higher Ed IT Blogs” of the year. After quite a bit of skimming to find …

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