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Evicted, Book Review

Evicted by Mathew Desmond is basically about poverty and profit around eviction in an American city, Milwaukee. Desmond, a Harvard sociologist, wrote the book as an ethnography thus, he lived closely with the people whose stories he wrote about and had the opportunity to witness the struggles of their lives throughout being tenants, and facing …

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The Washington Post – Review of Evicted by Matthew Desmond

This review of “Evicted” is written by Carlos Lozada and he talks about why he is glad that Matthew Desmond wrote this book about eviction in America since it brought life back to the problems of poverty. He explains that when families lose their homes this puts a lot of stress on them which causes …

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The New York Times: Matthew Desmond’s Evicted

In the New York Times book review of Matthew Desmond’s Evicted: Poverty and Profit in the American City, Barbara Ehrenreich notes that Desmond “has set a new standard for reporting on poverty”.  Ehrenreich revisits some of the compelling stories from each of Desmond’s “informants” and captures a number of the disturbing themes observed by Desmond. …

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Kicked Out in America!-Jason DeParle ( A response to Evicted)

I found this article to be both well written and researched. DeParle does a wonderful job highlighting the books main focus: that evictions are almost always a result of an imbalanced debt to income ratio and that simply being poor isn’t always the root cause for eviction, in most cases, eviction often precipitates poverty. He …

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