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TED Talks Supplemental Article-Got 18 Minutes?

This article suggests the benefits to students to learn through video presentation outside the classroom and work on homework ( with teacher assistance) inside the classroom. TED is viewed as a very effective means of non-traditional education in the classroom. So sorry I am unable to get the link to properly work, here is the …

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Ted Talks Pertaining to Psychology This Ted Talk describes WHY seemingly normal people cross over to the dark side of immoral behavior.*caution GRAPHIC images My Second TED Talk is by individual reading author, Elyn Saks and her battle through college, law school and daily life with schizophrenia.

Kicked Out in America!-Jason DeParle ( A response to Evicted)

I found this article to be both well written and researched. DeParle does a wonderful job highlighting the books main focus: that evictions are almost always a result of an imbalanced debt to income ratio and that simply being poor isn’t always the root cause for eviction, in most cases, eviction often precipitates poverty. He …

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Rhetoric using Clickbait for Scholarly Visibility This article touches on our last class discussion on rhetoric and how catchy scholarly article titles are much more likely to gain attention of larger audiences than blasé basic ones. These sometimes unthinkable titles use language to persuade audiences to click on a particular link to read more.  

Inventing the University

Beginnings are scary, and starting back to college (especially as an adult) is perhaps one of the most intimidating experiences I have faced to date. Getting back in to gear and knocking the dust off of our scholarly brains is a daunting task. I can recall the anxiety while writing my first Blackboard discussion posts and …

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The Chronicle of Higher Education- What Is a ‘Serious Academic’? Social-Media Critique Provokes a Backlash

I found this article VERY fitting considering our discussion on social media and formal and informal writing on Tuesday evening. Should a persons academic enthusiasm for social media posts make them a greater employee ( especially as a researcher)? Scholars argue that their passion and enthusiasm should be more focused on research and development, not …

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