October 2016 archive

Research Reflection

Truthfully, I feel like I have not gained much knowledge from my research yet. I think this is because I have not applied what I have found yet. I ended up Google searching book reviews for The High Price and chose reviews from The Boston Globe, The Guardian, and the Kirkus Review. Next, to obtain …

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TED Genre Analysis

  TED Talks have become such part of the online community that it can be considered it’s own genre. But what are the qualifications that consider something to be in the TED talk genre? Well first of all, to be considered part of the TED Talk genre, it would have to be a speech presented …

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Ted Talks: Jon Mooallem ” How the teddy bear taught us compassion”

Mooallem discusses President Roosevelt’s hunting experience involving a little black bear. Instead of killing the creature he saves its life. The photo became a cartoon called ” The Drawing a Line in Mississippi”. Mooallem counted to explain that bears were feared during that era. They where slowly becoming extinct by hunters. With Roosevelt expressing his …

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Ted Talks: Gary Haugen ” The hidden reason for poverty the world needs to address now”

Gary Haugen podcast a topic about women around the world dealing with their counties problems and crisis. From violence, poor criminal justice system, scandals, and slavery. He provides a solution that can help women over come their obstacles they are facing.

TED Talks – Physics

In Brian Greene’s TED talk from Monterrey 2008, he provides an introduction in the idea of string theory. String theory is, basically, the conceptualization that all particles in the universe are made up of strings or string-like objects. These strings vibrate or “dance” at varying frequencies and wavelengths. These variations in vibration frequencies are the …

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