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Research Reflection

Truthfully, I feel like I have not gained much knowledge from my research yet. I think this is because I have not applied what I have found yet. I ended up Google searching book reviews for The High Price and chose reviews from The Boston Globe, The Guardian, and the Kirkus Review. Next, to obtain …

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TED Genre Analysis

  TED Talks have become such part of the online community that it can be considered it’s own genre. But what are the qualifications that consider something to be in the TED talk genre? Well first of all, to be considered part of the TED Talk genre, it would have to be a speech presented …

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Rhetorical Analysis

Rhetorical (Hopefully?) Analysis             As humans we always strive to feel a connection with other beings and a mutual understanding of a topic with the others in whatever situation we may be in. For example, if one were sitting in a chemistry class listening to a lecture, one would hope …

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Critical Reading Review – “Evicted”

  “Evicted” By Matthew Desmond shows the real life story of many people that live in America today. The story of the struggles of poverty especially when it comes to keeping a place to call home. Told from a personal point of view, Desmond immersed himself in the lives of the people with these everyday …

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Bartholomae “Inventing the University” Blog Post

Writing is difficult for me   For much of my academic lifetime, I viewed it as a reflection of who I am and how my thoughts work. I wanted to put myself in the best light possible while staying indicative of my true self. Not only is it a struggle stay true to oneself while …

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