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New York Time Book Review – In ‘Evicted,’ Home Is an Elusive Goal for America’s Poor:

In the New York Times Book Review: In ‘Evicted,’ Home Is an Elusive Goal for America’s Poor, Jennifer Senior points out that the emphasis on this book unlike “Most examinations of the poorest poor” takes a look at poverty not from a public housing perspective, but from the private rental market. She notes that “Sixty-seven …

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The New York Times: Matthew Desmond’s Evicted

In the New York Times book review of Matthew Desmond’s Evicted: Poverty and Profit in the American City, Barbara Ehrenreich notes that Desmond “has set a new standard for reporting on poverty”.  Ehrenreich revisits some of the compelling stories from each of Desmond’s “informants” and captures a number of the disturbing themes observed by Desmond. …

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