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And so it continues…

Here is another great article exploring the topic of scholarship in social media…or is it scholarship?  The author writes of his own scholarship and use of blogs and Twitter, being cited, and struggles within the academic scope of these forums being valued. http://www.digitalpedagogylab.com/hybridped/social-media-service-and-the-perils-of-scholarly-affect/

Twitter and Tenure

Following on our class discussions on Social Media and Twitter as forums for scholarship and the question of “appropriate” spaces comes into play – here is a post from today’s InsideHigherEd as an Association publishes a committee report on Social Media and its impact on Tenure decisions, “Twitter Your Way to Tenure.”

What does “Pedagogy” even mean?

In an effort to find a unique blog that would be less likely for multiple students to follow, I went to trusted Google and searched for the top higher ed blogs. EdTech posted a great list of the “50 Must-Read Higher Ed IT Blogs” of the year. After quite a bit of skimming to find …

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The Chronicle of Higher Education- What Is a ‘Serious Academic’? Social-Media Critique Provokes a Backlash

I found this article VERY fitting considering our discussion on social media and formal and informal writing on Tuesday evening. Should a persons academic enthusiasm for social media posts make them a greater employee ( especially as a researcher)? Scholars argue that their passion and enthusiasm should be more focused on research and development, not …

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