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AAR #1 & #2 – Inventing the University

In order for me to provide a clear introspection on how “I” am figuring out how to be a student, I need to take a hard look at “me.” I am a 38-year-old husband, father of two small boys, ultramarathon runner, and have a management position in an Information Technology Department for a local government. …

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Inventing the University

Beginnings are scary, and starting back to college (especially as an adult) is perhaps one of the most intimidating experiences I have faced to date. Getting back in to gear and knocking the dust off of our scholarly brains is a daunting task. I can recall the anxiety while writing my first Blackboard discussion posts and …

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Bartholomae “Inventing the University” Blog Post

Writing is difficult for me   For much of my academic lifetime, I viewed it as a reflection of who I am and how my thoughts work. I wanted to put myself in the best light possible while staying indicative of my true self. Not only is it a struggle stay true to oneself while …

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