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Andre Cutrim FYS AAR#4 Karen Handley’s essay, “Within and Beyond Communities of Practice.” talks about what is a community of practice and what its like to be an individual within the community. Community of practice focus around a group of people who share similar ideas about their field this creates the practice of the community. Individual’s  …

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Eviction Response

Andre Cutrim FYS What is a Scholar AAR# 3 Poverty is an ongoing problem in America today with many government programs to help the poor very few make a real difference. Evicted by Mathew Desmond is about the broken eviction system that leaves families in a cycle of boredom. Mathew Desmond is an American scholar …

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Andre Cutrim AAR#1

Andre Cutrim What is a Scholar AAR 1 Blog Post David Bartholomae is an American Scholar in composition studies. He  is currently an english professor at the University of Pittsburg. Bartholomae received his PHD from Rutgers University. He is an award winning an author who has written various published books and essays. One of his …

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