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TED Talks – Physics

In Brian Greene’s TED talk from Monterrey 2008, he provides an introduction in the idea of string theory. String theory is, basically, the conceptualization that all particles in the universe are made up of strings or string-like objects. These strings vibrate or “dance” at varying frequencies and wavelengths. These variations in vibration frequencies are the …

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Evicted by Matthew Desmond – The Guardian Book Review The Guardian, a UK publishing, reviewed Evicted by Matthew Desmond in April 2016. The review mentioned their take on what the 3 main points of the book would be: Rent is the #1 thing holding the poverty stricken in the book back from regaining some sort of foothold in society Why are the majority …

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The Chronicle – Wired Campus Blog

OK… so, I am sticking with my education/tech theme… It is a subsection of the Chronicle blog to which Prof Wittig had already linked us. However, this section is all about the tech side of higher education. Take care, TS

AAR #1 & #2 – Inventing the University

In order for me to provide a clear introspection on how β€œI” am figuring out how to be a student, I need to take a hard look at β€œme.” I am a 38-year-old husband, father of two small boys, ultramarathon runner, and have a management position in an Information Technology Department for a local government. …

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Academic Computing

After taking a queue from a few of the other students in class… I, too, decided to look beyond the realm of the posted blogs and find another blog to follow to add more diversity to the conversation. I tripped upon the “Academic Computing” blog, written by Neil Brown. He is a education computing researcher …

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