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Ted Talks: Jon Mooallem ” How the teddy bear taught us compassion”

Mooallem discusses President Roosevelt’s hunting experience involving a little black bear. Instead of killing the creature he saves its life. The photo became a cartoon called ” The Drawing a Line in Mississippi”. Mooallem counted to explain that bears were feared during that era. They where slowly becoming extinct by hunters. With Roosevelt expressing his …

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Ted Talks: Gary Haugen ” The hidden reason for poverty the world needs to address now”

Gary Haugen podcast a topic about women around the world dealing with their counties problems and crisis. From violence, poor criminal justice system, scandals, and slavery. He provides a solution that can help women over come their obstacles they are facing.

Infographic: The reality of violence against women

This brings awareness to women surviving everyday violence, assault, and rape- along with a daily struggle of poverty. Providing five facts to help us pay closer attention. Infographic: The reality of violence against women

Data become art in Julie Freeman’s “We Need Us”

Artist Julie Freeman uses nature-generated data as art material to create sculptures. She records all kinds of things like birds, insects, and buildings. Each sculpture uses the metadata found on Zooniverse to relate to a project scene. You will see in the clip, how each scene has its own sound and movement. Data becomes art …

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Washington Post: Review “Evicted: Poverty and Profit in the American City”

Thank you, Matthew Desmond. Thank you for writing about destitution in America with astonishing specificity yet without voyeurism or judgment. Thank you for showing it is possible to compose spare, beautiful prose about a complicated policy problem. Thank you for giving flesh and life to our squabbles over inequality, so easily consigned to quintiles and …

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