The Chronicle of Higher Education- What Is a ‘Serious Academic’? Social-Media Critique Provokes a Backlash

I found this article VERY fitting considering our discussion on social media and formal and informal writing on Tuesday evening. Should a persons academic enthusiasm for social media posts make them a greater employee ( especially as a researcher)? Scholars argue that their passion and enthusiasm should be more focused on research and development, not the “dog-and pony show” of online postings.



  1. Great find! That is part of the discussion for an article I have to look at later in the term. Excellent first post.

  2. This article fits beautifully with the article I shared in my post. These two articles and the conversation that can be created by piecing these two together are exactly the point of how showing enthusiasm and posting about academics and scholarship via social media leads to a bigger perspective, challenged ideas, a more well-rounded conversation, more feedback, etc. With feedback, both positive and negative, being so instantaneous and widespread, one would think it would actually enhance the fidelity of the content.

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