August 29, 2016 archive

What does “Pedagogy” even mean?

In an effort to find a unique blog that would be less likely for multiple students to follow, I went to trusted Google and searched for the top higher ed blogs. EdTech posted a great list of the “50 Must-Read Higher Ed IT Blogs” of the year. After quite a bit of skimming to find …

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The Chronicle of Higher Education – Scholars Talk Writing

Steven Pinker is interviewed regarding his style of scholarly writing and discusses his view that scholarly writing should be accessible to non-scholars as well as scholars in this article. He gives examples of tactics that he usesĀ  such as inserting whimsy, writing clearly and an extensive review process. He also points out some of the …

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The Chronicle of Higher Education – What Are Your Experiences with Cheating?

Technology has opened many doors since the beginning of it’s use in the academic world. With copious amounts of information available to students with just the click of a mouse, it’s no surprise that some have taken advantage of and/or capitalized on the opportunity. I think this poses an interesting question of whether or not …

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