What does “Pedagogy” even mean?

In an effort to find a unique blog that would be less likely for multiple students to follow, I went to trusted Google and searched for the top higher ed blogs. EdTech posted a great list of the “50 Must-Read Higher Ed IT Blogs” of the year. After quite a bit of skimming to find one that spoke my language, in a sense, I decided to follow Hybrid Pedagogy, hence the title of this post.

EdTech describes this blog as, “Peer-reviewed articles and insightful podcasts both find a home in this online journal. Contributors write about the intersection of education, technology and society”.

I found a very intriguing articled that correlated so well with our class discussion from Tuesday night about social media and how we define, associate, or assume social media is used, especially in regard to scholarship. The article, “Beyond Academic Twitter: Social Media and the Evolution of Scholarly Publication”, makes the point that social media is changing the very culture of scholarship as it is morphing into “open, public, scholarship” that actually leads to work that is potentially further reviewed, researched, developed, challenged, etc. than traditional scholarship.


The 2016 Dean’s List: EdTech’s 50 Must-Read Higher Ed IT Blogs.  (2016, May 13).  EdTech. Retrieved from  http://www.edtechmagazine.com/higher/article/2016/05/higher-ed-must-read-it-blogs

Walker, L. (2016).  Beyond Academic Twitter: Social Media and the Evolution of Scholarly Publication. Hybrid Pedagogy. Retrieved from  http://www.digitalpedagogylab.com/hybridped/beyond-academic-twitter/



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  1. Kylee-
    Wonderful post and article. I too googled and found this same website in my searching as well. I think we are all off to a nice start with these blog posts, despite being intimidating to get the ball rolling with these first posts. Nice work!

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