The Chronicle of Higher Education – Scholars Talk Writing

Steven Pinker is interviewed regarding his style of scholarly writing and discusses his view that scholarly writing should be accessible to non-scholars as well as scholars in this article. He gives examples of tactics that he uses  such as inserting whimsy, writing clearly and an extensive review process. He also points out some of the mistakes that he feels scholars often make such as writing defensively and assuming that the reader has the same level of knowledge on the topic as the author. I found this interview to be very interesting and it helped me to have a better understanding of what scholarly writing is and can be.

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  1. Phoebe-
    Excellent first post. This article beautifully parallels with the article we read for this evenings discussion “Inventing the University: by David Bartholomae. Nice work! I think we have all been guilty in one forum or other to have a tendency to try and sound a certain way in hopes to appease a certain audience. Well done!

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