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TED Talks – Marine Biology

Mike duGruy: Hooked by an octopus Mike deGruy is a marine zoologist that became interested in the field after a remarkable encounter with an octopus. He recounts the meeting and points out some of the differences between animals living in our oceans. He explains an entire ecosystem living in the mid-ocean ridge unknown to the …

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Review of Evicted by Matthew Desmond

Below is a link to the review I chose on Evicted. I thought the article brought out some interesting questions about the poverty cycle. The review also brings up an interesting point regarding females vs. males.

Inventing the University

My first impression of “Inventing the University” by David Bartholomae was confusion. Admittedly, I had to reread the essay two to three times to grasp it’s meaning, which I believe to be: write with confidence. Obviously Bartholomae delves into detail about writing authoritatively and as if you are from a position of privilege, “position of …

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The Chronicle of Higher Education – What Are Your Experiences with Cheating?

Technology has opened many doors since the beginning of it’s use in the academic world. With copious amounts of information available to students with just the click of a mouse, it’s no surprise that some have taken advantage of and/or capitalized on the opportunity. I think this poses an interesting question of whether or not …

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