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Within and Beyond Communities of Practice

In the article “Within and Beyond Communities of Practice”, Karen Handley and her colleagues attempt to highlight different conceptual issues that communities of practice, as the crucial part of situated learning theory, encounter. They do that by first identifying situated learning theory as the one which provides opportunities to participate in the practice of the …

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Evicted, Book Review

Evicted by Mathew Desmond is basically about poverty and profit around eviction in an American city, Milwaukee. Desmond, a Harvard sociologist, wrote the book as an ethnography thus, he lived closely with the people whose stories he wrote about and had the opportunity to witness the struggles of their lives throughout being tenants, and facing …

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AAR #1-2

It is a psychological theory that people look at things differently due to different factors like culture and context. For example, an image of a woman with a structure of a rectangular shape, with depth, above her head was shown to different groups of people in a study, and most of the East Africans responded …

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