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TED Talks: Why We Need to End The War on Drugs

In this TED talk, drug policy reformist Ethan Nadelmann pleas to his audience why the “War on Drugs” or drug trade needs to end. Nadelmann leads his discussion by talking a little about the war between police officers and security vs. people when it comes to them performing checks on people and then they end …

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TED Talks: The Neuroscience of Restorative Justice

In this TED talk, Daniel Reisel wants people in the community to rethink how the justice system treats criminals when it comes to rehabilitation by using a murderer in Russia, Reisel calls him Joe, as an example to talk about. Reisel became interested in about how people change behavior so he decided to study psychopathic …

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The Washington Post – Review of Evicted by Matthew Desmond

This review of “Evicted” is written by Carlos Lozada and he talks about why he is glad that Matthew Desmond wrote this book about eviction in America since it brought life back to the problems of poverty. He explains that when families lose their homes this puts a lot of stress on them which causes …

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Inventing the University

When it comes to inventing the university from 30 years ago in Bartholomae’s 1986 article “Inventing the University” we all should expect universities to make some changes in ways how professors structured and taught their classes, how students would change the way they learn by receiving and using different reading and writing materials in different …

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Inside Higher Ed- Even Professors Hate Group Work

This article is about why Stephanie Buckhanon Crowder believes that group work for professors, as well for others, helps benefit them. While we know that collaborative work helps students prepare for their future in the real world where some people working at their jobs have to work together to share ideas, concerns, and get the …

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