September 28, 2016 archive

Essay 1

Matthew Desmond’s Evicted illuminates the issue of low income housing and poverty that is prevalent across the United States. Desmond depicts what life entails in these communities in a direct approach using stories from actual people. The details of crime, the patterns of eviction, disparities in housing based on racial and social factors, and drug …

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How algorithms shape our world

In this Ted talk, Kevin Slavin argues that we’re living in a world designed for — and increasingly controlled by – algorithms. In this heart throbbing  talk that was delivered at Ted Global , he uses a systematically designed algorithms as an example to shows how these complex computer programs have changed the dimensions in …

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Academic Issue ~ Open Textbooks

This is an excellent overview and discussion on the topic of Open Textbooks.  It is also an issue that could be used for final papers and projects. “An Open Perspective on Interactive Textbooks” – Jim Fowler. EDUCAUSE Review (August 22, 2016)