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Languishing in poverty in United states means striving and engaging into in gladiatorial battle that average people take for granted such as being able to put a meal on the table and have a place to sleep. Of all this basic needs, perhaps the most crucial is having a dignified place that people living in …

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Eviction Response

Andre Cutrim FYS What is a Scholar AAR# 3 Poverty is an ongoing problem in America today with many government programs to help the poor very few make a real difference. Evicted by Mathew Desmond is about the broken eviction system that leaves families in a cycle of boredom. Mathew Desmond is an American scholar …

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Evicted, Book Review

Evicted by Mathew Desmond is basically about poverty and profit around eviction in an American city, Milwaukee. Desmond, a Harvard sociologist, wrote the book as an ethnography thus, he lived closely with the people whose stories he wrote about and had the opportunity to witness the struggles of their lives throughout being tenants, and facing …

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Evicted Response

In Matthew Desmond’s Evicted, he reveals what the lives of tenants and residents in extremely poor areas are like. He does this through ethnographic research when he dives into the culture of Milwaukee trailer parks and rooming houses and experiences first-hand what it is like for those that live in this society. Although he chose …

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Response to “Evicted”

“Evicted”, written by Matthew Desmond, tells true stories about the lives of families who face eviction every day and the hardship that they go through to try and bring their family back together. Desmond himself went through a similar ordeal to a certain extent when he was younger. He shares a story about money being …

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Critical Reading Review – “Evicted”

  “Evicted” By Matthew Desmond shows the real life story of many people that live in America today. The story of the struggles of poverty especially when it comes to keeping a place to call home. Told from a personal point of view, Desmond immersed himself in the lives of the people with these everyday …

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