September 13, 2016 archive

Kirkus Evicted Book Review

The main theme of this review was centered around finances with statistics to help promote the seriousness to the reader. The review links how the monetary effects of housing have a direct correlation to poverty. One of the main points addressed in this review was that Matthew Desmond had such a strong emphasis on the vouchers …

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Washington Post: Review “Evicted: Poverty and Profit in the American City”

Thank you, Matthew Desmond. Thank you for writing about destitution in America with astonishing specificity yet without voyeurism or judgment. Thank you for showing it is possible to compose spare, beautiful prose about a complicated policy problem. Thank you for giving flesh and life to our squabbles over inequality, so easily consigned to quintiles and …

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New York Time Book Review – In ‘Evicted,’ Home Is an Elusive Goal for America’s Poor:

In the New York Times Book Review: In ‘Evicted,’ Home Is an Elusive Goal for America’s Poor, Jennifer Senior points out that the emphasis on this book unlike “Most examinations of the poorest poor” takes a look at poverty not from a public housing perspective, but from the private rental market. She notes that “Sixty-seven …

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The Washington Post – Review of Evicted by Matthew Desmond

This review of “Evicted” is written by Carlos Lozada and he talks about why he is glad that Matthew Desmond wrote this book about eviction in America since it brought life back to the problems of poverty. He explains that when families lose their homes this puts a lot of stress on them which causes …

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