UR is a place “Where Great Research Meets Great Teaching”

According to the Wall Street Journal (paywall, unfortunately).

Screenshot 2016-10-07 14.12.51Most of the various college rankings strike me as somewhat silly, but I’ll make an exception for this one, because it says something nice about my home institution, which coincides very well with my own impression. Lots of places claim to be good at both teaching and research, but my experience at UR is that we really mean it. The faculty are excited both about their scholarship and about working closely with undergraduates, and the university’s reward structure conveys that both are valued.

I always say that student-faculty research is the best thing about this place.  I’m glad the WSJ agrees.

In case you’re wondering, the data used to generate this list consisted of two pieces: number of research papers per faculty member, and a student survey asking about faculty accessibility and opportunities for collaborative learning. A school had to do well on both to make the list, although I don’t think they said exact recipe for combining them.

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Ted Bunn

I am chair of the physics department at the University of Richmond. In addition to teaching a variety of undergraduate physics courses, I work on a variety of research projects in cosmology, the study of the origin, structure, and evolution of the Universe. University of Richmond undergraduates are involved in all aspects of this research. If you want to know more about my research, ask me!