About me

I am a professor in the physics department of the University of Richmond. I hold the E. Claiborne Robins Distinguished Chair in the Liberal Arts. I grew up in the Boston area and went to school at Princeton and Berkeley. After that, I taught at Bates College and at St. Cloud State University. I’ve been at UR since 2002.

My research interests mostly have to do with cosmology, especially the cosmic microwave background radiation. Here is a description of some of the things my research group has been up to lately.

If you want more detail, you can look at my CV. And if even that’s not enough, you can read my scholarly publications, almost all of which are posted on the incredibly useful preprint arxiv.

Most of these articles are written for specialists, but I have written some things for a more general readership, as listed on this page.


4 thoughts on “About me”

  1. I would like to thank you so very much. I seriously enjoyed reading about black holes. I have a physics paper due for this marking period at my school and I chose black holes because I thought they were cool, but i didn’t understand them very much… what a mistake that was 🙁
    But reading that website you created to explain black holes in as simple a way as possible, without using big words and big names that would confuse some common person (aka. me:)
    it was really helpful. thank you so so sooo much!

  2. Thanks(; even though it was long, I read your FAQ’s on Black Holes. It’s really helpful for my project 😀

  3. I am obsessed with black holes. I wish nothing more than to create one. Mankind being able to create singularities would change everything. It would be like rediscovering the internet, overnight. Are there any serious efforts underway, in attempts to try and creat e these beautiful cornerstones?

    P.S. From my perspective, it could be said that when god laid the foundation of the universe down, he used black holes as his cornerstones.

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