Anyone speak Ukrainian?

About 17 years ago, I wrote an explanation of some stuff about black holes. To my astonishment, people still read it from time to time.

Recently I got an email from someone asking if he could translate it into Ukrainian. I said yes, and here’s the result.

Not speaking Ukrainian, I can’t vouch for the translation’s accuracy. Google Translate shows it to have a bunch of the right words in the right places, but it also has things like this:

 Beyond the horizon, the escape velocity less than the speed of light, so if we fire your rockets hard enough, we can give them, and enough energy to pita bread.

There are two different ways prinaymni viznachiti how something is bicycle.

The sun, for example, has a radius of about 700,000 km, and so, that nadmasivna black hole has a radius of only about chotiroh times Buy it, than sun.

Let A valid, that we otrimuyete in thy spaceship and send directly to the ego million solar masses black hole at the center of our galaxy. (In fact, there is some debate about the our galaxy provides a central black hole Admissible Ale, it does a lot of Denmark at the time.) Since far from the black hole, we just vimknit rockets and coast in. What’s going on?

Chi is not a black hole if viparuyetsya under me, woo something I achieve?

Anyway, if you happen to speak Ukrainian, check it out.


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