Local TV news

Funny thing about living in a smallish city: I’m the only astrophysicist in town, so the news media sometimes ask me about space stories in the news. Here’s the latest.

Richmond’s Channel 8 talked to me about the Russian meteor. Video here and here.

I’m annoyed that I seem to have said this event was similar in size to Tunguska, when in fact it was much smaller. But I was doing this on virtually no preparation, so I guess it could have been worse.

2 Responses to “Local TV news”

  1. raymondc_ms@yahoo.com' Raymond says:

    I like how the reporter called you “The Professor.”

  2. Yamanin@hotmail.com' Tim Savage says:

    Well it’s the biggest one since Tunguska, no? So you weren’t entirely incorrect. And I liked the way the local news anchor incorporated your expertise into the “we’re all gonna die and therre’s nothing you can do to stop it” meme.