Not living up to the hype.

This blog is mentioned in a piece in the U.R. newsletter RichmondNow, which makes it all the more embarrassing that I haven’t posted anything to it for ages.

In case you’re desperately searching for blog posts to read, let me mention a couple of good ones by colleagues of mine.

Students who have to give talks on their research should really look at Bill Ross’s post on how to give a good math talk. Some of it’s math-specific, but most of it’s just good general advice. Many eminent scientists could benefit from following it.

Also, Matt Trawick’s blog has a lot of good stuff, including an explanation of what undergraduate research is all about.

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Ted Bunn

I am chair of the physics department at the University of Richmond. In addition to teaching a variety of undergraduate physics courses, I work on a variety of research projects in cosmology, the study of the origin, structure, and evolution of the Universe. University of Richmond undergraduates are involved in all aspects of this research. If you want to know more about my research, ask me!

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