I’m spending this week in Paris, at a conference on Bolometric interferometry for the B mode search.  This is a narrowly focused workshop on a specific technique that may be used  for future measurements of the microwave background.  (That’s why its name is so completely esoteric.) For a number of years now,  I’ve been part of a collaboration trying to develop this technique.

This is the second conference I’ve been to in the past few weeks.  St. Louis was perfectly nice, but I have to say it’s nicer to be in Paris, weak dollar notwithstanding.

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  1. Hello Ted, I have a paper regarding the formation of black bodies that I think you should take a look at. I’m in the process of having it reviewed.

    Please email me, and I’ll get you the paper. It’s only about 4 pages in length.


    Frank Cunnane

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