Another Mathematica bug

I got a reply to my last bug report, acknowledging that it’s a bug and saying they’d send it on to their engineers.

Here’s another:

The first one should only evaluate to zero if it’s zero for all a,b. The second indicates that that’s not the case. This one cost me several hours, as I searched elsewhere for why my results didn’t make sense. (The offending bit was originally in the middle of a larger expression; otherwise, I would have figured it out more quickly.)

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  1. Help out a novice: What is ThreeJSymbol?

    Any idea how many bugs there are in Mathematica and if any wrong results have been published because of them?

    Of course, some things are too difficult to check by hand, but with traditional compiled languages* one can run the code on various combinations of compiler, OS and hardware and be reasonably sure that they won’t have the same bugs.

    *I hear all the young dudes screaming. What’s compiled? What’s traditional? What’s language? :-)

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