Ostriches and Books

By Thess Pfferr Every child has a favorite toy. Mine was a black plastic horse named Fury. He was the strongest and bravest horse I have seen in my life. Together we lived through adventures in hostile unexplored territories—under the kitchen table, or my mother’s office. Kids need toys, and not every kid has them. Read more about Ostriches and Books[…]

Jesus Walks on Perry Street

By Thess Pfferr Jesus is coming, and the crowd is growing excited. It’s just before sunset on Easter, at the end of a beautiful day. The streets outside Sacred Heart Church are crowded with dozens of people, milling about in expectation. The church is putting on a live Easter pageant, and hundreds of people are Read more about Jesus Walks on Perry Street[…]

Dear Neighbor: The Trendy Trinkets of Church Hill

By Rebecca Fisher “People first, then restaurants, then retail.”  Kristy Cotter was talking about the revitalization of Church Hill, which has gone from a rundown area synonymous with urban decay to one of Richmond’s trendiest neighborhoods.   First came the urban pioneers, mostly white and well-educated, who bought stately old Victorian homes in disrepair, fixed them Read more about Dear Neighbor: The Trendy Trinkets of Church Hill[…]

Where Liberty Found Its Voice

By Rebecca Fisher “Give me Liberty or Give me Death!” Those iconic words, proclaimed by Virginia colonist Patrick Henry, ring true today in Church Hill just as they did in 1775, when Henry himself addressed a crowd that consisted of  George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and other important figures of the American Revolution , with that Read more about Where Liberty Found Its Voice[…]

Don’t Bank On It

By Maggie Latimer On the corner of East Brookland Park Boulevard and 2nd Avenue, nestled between Six Points Express Mart and a dry cleaner’s shop, stands a large, sandy brick building.  Look closely and you may see the faint imprint of lettering left on the front door, detailing the bank’s hours of operation. Those hours Read more about Don’t Bank On It[…]

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

On a rainy Monday afternoon, our team walks through Chestnut Hill, a cluster of streets at Highland Park’s southernmost tip.  Among the schools, cemeteries and old Victorian houses, there are a thousand stories waiting to be told. —Maggie Latimer Permanent link For more updates on our walking team, follow @urhighlandpark on Instagram and track #UREdenWalkers.

Foot Traffic

By Thess Pfferr and Brooke Warner You might not notice them at first: The dozens of people who pick their way along paths worn in the grass and rocky ground along Jefferson Davis Highway as traffic zooms past. If you look closely, you’ll see that many are carrying bags of groceries, schoolbooks, or tools of a trade. These Read more about Foot Traffic[…]

Conozca sus Derechos

By Brooke Warner  CONOZCA SUS DERECHOS, reads the title of the flyer. Know your rights. Know what to do if the police stop your vehicle, if they ask about your immigration status, if they put you into the custody of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), if they separate you from your children. In 2017, this legal knowledge Read more about Conozca sus Derechos[…]