April 21, 2020

The UR Home Stories Podcast


There have been few global events as far-reaching as the current pandemic of COVID-19, which reached the U.S. in the late winter of 2020. With so many lives affected, nearly everyone around us has a story to tell, which is why slow journalism has never been more crucial.

Noah Goldberg, class of 2022, is founding host and producer of the UR Home Stories podcast.

The UR Home Stories Podcast gives voice to the journalistic storytelling this project is using to document and understand the COVID-19 pandemic. Just as our writers hone in on small details in their stories, this podcast explores the emotion, philosophy, challenges and thought processes behind their work.

Hosted by Noah Goldberg (@noahgoldberg10), episodes include interviews with our authors about their dispatches, discussions with individuals who are making an impact in their communities, and others who provide a unique insight into various layers of this crisis.

Noah is a sophomore at the University of Richmond studying journalism.  He works as ESPN Richmond’s beat writer, covering the Richmond Spiders men’s basketball team.  He also hosts the Spider Scoop Podcast (found on Apple Podcasts, YouTube and ESPNRichmond.com) as well as Know Your Spiders (available on Spotify, SoundCloud, Apple Podcasts and YouTube).

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We can be reached at URHomeStories@gmail.com.

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1. Slow Journalism with Don Belt

2. Ocean Apart with Alex Rodriguez+ Gen Z Takes Action

3. Family on the Frontline with Nina Joss + Mental Health During Social Distancing

4. Family Ties with Caterina Erdas + COVID-19 Survivor

5. Front Steps Project with Donna Mueller

6. Small Town Life with Quinn Humphrey + COVID At Work