by Chance Evans A walk down First Street shows a few of the faces of Jackson Ward: churches, houses both abandoned and well-kept, businesses thriving or failing, and vacant lots. School children, old men in wheelchairs,  college students. This is the beauty of Jackson Ward and the source of its charm. In a neighborhood marked by transition, you never know who you’re Read more about Vinny[…]


by Chance Evans When Arthur Wilson told me to go inside the noisy, boarded-up business on First Street and meet his cousin, Neverett, another world opened its doors. The scene was one of complete chaos composed by one man sitting at a counter under construction.  Neverett Eggleston III was like the conductor of an orchestra, directing the posse of workers building the vegan restaurant and Read more about Neverett[…]


by Chance Evans Walking east on First Street, away from Broad, can be a bleak beginning. The first block is one abandoned and boarded-up business after another. But then things change. A giant mural announces your arrival in “Historic Jackson Ward” with vibrant colors and a grandness of scale, and there’s nothing bleak about it. The rest of the street continues in this vein, showing the hardships and the Read more about Arthur[…]