The James river

In the spirit of the Out of Eden Walk, students from the University of Richmond set out to report on their city using the techniques of slow journalism. This spring the students focused on the James River, a historic waterway that inspires and defines the city of Richmond. Their storytelling projects are presented below.
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River Culture

Covering the James River as a cultural phenomenon, with a focus on how people interact with the river commercially, artistically and recreationally. We also feature people who love the James and work to protect it.

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Covering the James River as a natural phenomenon, including environment and ecosystems, flora and fauna, conservation and restoration, natural history, and the people who interact with the river through these lenses.

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River Map

A James River StoryMap that plots all student dispatches along the river as it moves through downtown Richmond, creating a narrative with both human and natural dimensions. Includes additional media resources.

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Student reporting at the University of Richmond
Slow Journalism

Our class, like the Out of Eden Walk, is designed to explore the creative frontiers of Slow Journalism, a movement away from the super-fast, superficial coverage that dominates modern news media, and towards a more in-depth, deliberate, mindful approach to narrative storytelling using the latest tools of digital technology.

Field Dispatches

Student reporting from the streets and riverbanks of Richmond, Virginia.