Role Reversal: Nourishing Local Restaurants

By Alexis Angelus A year before the pandemic, Steve Milford, an experienced restauranteur with a background in owning and managing restaurants, began managing Pescadero, a seafood restaurant in the Chicago suburb of Wilmette. His fifth project, Pescadero quickly gained a reputation for good food, a convivial atmosphere, and one of the top oyster bars in Read more about Role Reversal: Nourishing Local Restaurants[…]

Learning Mindfulness: Journal | April 13

By Alexis Angelus We start learning about efficiency at a young age in the American school system. I remember, in third grade, my teacher would give us word puzzles as a mental break in between subjects. Parents complained we weren’t learning anything with the puzzles, and we stopped. This year, my senior year of college, Read more about Learning Mindfulness: Journal | April 13[…]

Defining Family During Quarantine: Journal | April 20

By Alexis Angelus Today I read an article about how quarantine is forcing young adults to think about what they think of as home. For comfort, college students and recent graduates might return to childhood homes, or even quarantine with friends or significant others. I am lucky enough to be at home with my family Read more about Defining Family During Quarantine: Journal | April 20[…]

Being Type A during COVID-19: Journal | April 8

By Alexis Angelus Everyone has a way of coping, of getting through their weaknesses to be successful in everyday life. For me, I deal with uncertainty in life by planning. Since I was a child, establishing a routine and plan Bs has been my steadying force. I have a backup plan, and a backup plan Read more about Being Type A during COVID-19: Journal | April 8[…]

Winnetka by the Numbers

Name of Community: Cook County, IL Established (date): 1831 Land area: 945.33 sq. miles Population: 5,150,233 Population over 65: 14.6% Population per sq. mile: 5,495.1 Racial Makeup: 65.5% white, 23.9% black, 7.9% asian Persons per household: 2.61 Per Capita Income: $35,575 Bachelor Degree or above: 38% Life expectancy: 73.28 Hospital Beds: 2.78 per 1,000 Number Read more about Winnetka by the Numbers[…]