Los juicios de camping

Escrito por Brooke Warner y traducido por Thess Pfferr En la mayoría de los días de Sol, se puede a Dorothy Wicther y a su hijo Kyle sentados en sillas de jardín viejas fuera del remolque de Dorothy. No hablan mucho. Están cansados. Sus ojos nos siguen desde el momento en que llegamos al camping Read more about Los juicios de camping[…]

Tráfico de peatones

Escrito por Brooke Warner y Thess Pfferr. Traducido por Thess Pfferr. Puede ser que no las note al principio: Las docenas de personas que erguen sus pasos a lo largo de caminos cubiertos de hierba y lecho de piedras siguiendo la autovía de Jefferson Davis mientras que el tráfico se acerca a lo lejos. Si Read more about Tráfico de peatones[…]

Avestruces y libros

Escrito y traducido por Thess Pfferr Todos los niños tienen un juguete favorito. El mío era un caballo de plástico negro llamado Furia. Era el caballo más fuerte y más valiente que he visto en mi vida. Juntos vivimos aventuras en territorios hostiles e inexplorados, bajo la mesa de la cocina o en el despacho Read more about Avestruces y libros[…]

Jesús camina en la calle Perry

Escrito y traducido por Thess Pfferr Jesús está llegando, y la multitud está emocionada. Es justo antes del atardecer del día de Pascua, pero ya las calles frente a la Iglesia del Sagrado Corazón están llenas con decenas de personas, moviéndose expectantes. La iglesia va a representar una obra de teatro sobre la Pascua, y Read more about Jesús camina en la calle Perry[…]

Ostriches and Books

By Thess Pfferr Every child has a favorite toy. Mine was a black plastic horse named Fury. He was the strongest and bravest horse I have seen in my life. Together we lived through adventures in hostile unexplored territories—under the kitchen table, or my mother’s office. Kids need toys, and not every kid has them. Read more about Ostriches and Books[…]

Jesus Walks on Perry Street

By Thess Pfferr Jesus is coming, and the crowd is growing excited. It’s just before sunset on Easter, at the end of a beautiful day. The streets outside Sacred Heart Church are crowded with dozens of people, milling about in expectation. The church is putting on a live Easter pageant, and hundreds of people are Read more about Jesus Walks on Perry Street[…]

Foot Traffic

By Thess Pfferr and Brooke Warner You might not notice them at first: The dozens of people who pick their way along paths worn in the grass and rocky ground along Jefferson Davis Highway as traffic zooms past. If you look closely, you’ll see that many are carrying bags of groceries, schoolbooks, or tools of a trade. These Read more about Foot Traffic[…]

Conozca sus Derechos

By Brooke Warner  CONOZCA SUS DERECHOS, reads the title of the flyer. Know your rights. Know what to do if the police stop your vehicle, if they ask about your immigration status, if they put you into the custody of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), if they separate you from your children. In 2017, this legal knowledge Read more about Conozca sus Derechos[…]

Trailer Park Trials

By Brooke Warner On most sunny days, Dorothy Wicther and her son Kyle can be found sitting in old lawn chairs outside Dorothy’s trailer. They don’t talk much. They are tired. Their eyes follow us from the moment we arrive at the trailer park and don’t leave us until our car pulls away from our makeshift gravel parking space. Everyone stares. We do Read more about Trailer Park Trials[…]

Languages Lost and Found

  By Sunny Lim Maria G., who asks for her last name to be omitted, strolls inside an empty meeting room at the Sacred Heart Center and sits with her seven-year-old son, Francisco, a small, brown-haired boy with a penchant for running around. Her stern face mirrors her son’s pout. Maria starts speaking rapidly in Spanish Read more about Languages Lost and Found[…]