Jesús camina en la calle Perry

Escrito y traducido por Thess Pfferr Jesús está llegando, y la multitud está emocionada. Es justo antes del atardecer del día de Pascua, pero ya las calles frente a la Iglesia del Sagrado Corazón están llenas con decenas de personas, moviéndose expectantes. La iglesia va a representar una obra de teatro sobre la Pascua, y Read more about Jesús camina en la calle Perry[…]

Jesus Walks on Perry Street

By Thess Pfferr Jesus is coming, and the crowd is growing excited. It’s just before sunset on Easter, at the end of a beautiful day. The streets outside Sacred Heart Church are crowded with dozens of people, milling about in expectation. The church is putting on a live Easter pageant, and hundreds of people are Read more about Jesus Walks on Perry Street[…]

Languages Lost and Found

  By Sunny Lim Maria G., who asks for her last name to be omitted, strolls inside an empty meeting room at the Sacred Heart Center and sits with her seven-year-old son, Francisco, a small, brown-haired boy with a penchant for running around. Her stern face mirrors her son’s pout. Maria starts speaking rapidly in Spanish Read more about Languages Lost and Found[…]