Mary Beard and Her ‘Battle Cry’ Against Internet Trolling

Good evening everyone. The previous week I was trying to figure out what I could find that related scholarship and technology. Then I came across this article that I found incredibly fascinating especially relating to the confidence and authoritativeness Bartholomae’s “Inventing the University” emphasizes.The article is about a scholar and writer Mary Bear who has written nearly a dozen books and is a Professor at Cambridge. The subject matter of the post focuses on Mary being  criticized or “trolled” by the general public. Appearances aside I found the concept of “trolling” to be the highlight. As someone as scholarly as Mary Bear, she is still the victim of internet trolling. The best way I can describe internet trolling is where a person intentionally criticizes and haves fun of another person regardless if they believe in what they are saying or doing. The nature of a troll is to solely exist to annoying a specific person or audience to yield attention. As we usher into a digital age, internet trolls will become more evident. A question I am coming across is will we adapt and build resilience to them or will they influence the integrity of future scholarship.

Here is the link to the post: