Coal Ash Catastrophe

By Jasmine Fernandez With its nearly 7.5 billion customers in 18 states, Dominion Energy provides heat, air conditioning and power for homes and businesses throughout our nation. But this doesn’t come without a cost. For more than 100 years, as America’s economy was growing, people depended on coal to provide them with economical, reliable energy. Read more about Coal Ash Catastrophe[…]

River of Souls: Remembering Richmond’s Painful Past 

By Jasmine Fernandez Fresh, beautiful, bright green grass, overlooking a river lined with groups of families and friends fishing, may not seem like anything more than a park when you first stumble upon it. That is, until the moment you notice the small rectangular bronze plaques reading, “Richmond Slave Trail,” scattered along the three-mile walking Read more about River of Souls: Remembering Richmond’s Painful Past […]

Artistry on the Isle

By Gabi Williams and Frances Gichner As the weather warmed this spring and Richmonders took to the James River, we designed a walking tour of Belle Isle, a historically significant island in midstream, tracking graffiti and modern human influence on the river. Why did we do this? Belle Isle has a long and detailed history Read more about Artistry on the Isle[…]

A Sunday at Brown’s Island

Written and produced by Brier Clough Interviews and photos by Frances Gichner, Elizabeth Halasz, Caroline Robelen, and Abby Seaberg   Modeled after the New York Times’ “Sunday in the Park” supplement, this piece is about the big picture and the small stories that give us a glimpse into moments of people’s lives. Our reporting team Read more about A Sunday at Brown’s Island[…]

Golden Hour at Pony Pasture

By Gabi Williams It was “golden” hour—late on a spring day—and every detail of the James River suddenly seemed radiant and magical in the light of late afternoon. I was walking the riverbank with a young woman named Sally Watanabe, who was telling me why this place, Pony Pasture Rapids, is one of her favorite Read more about Golden Hour at Pony Pasture[…]

Love at First Sight

By Abby Seaberg Vincent Bruno is a high-energy guy. After moving to Richmond from Atlanta last August, 26-year-old Bruno immediately set out to learn everything about Richmond’s history, Richmond’s people and Richmond’s soul. Within two months he was working as a tour guide with RVA on Wheels, spinning visitors around downtown Richmond on Segways while Read more about Love at First Sight[…]

The James River: Richmond’s Central Park

By Caroline Robelen Central Park in Manhattan is a magnet for migrating birds, a green oasis in the middle of a concrete desert. For birds passing through Richmond during their migration, the James River is their Central Park, explains Lewis Barnett, a local birder and computer science professor at the University of Richmond. The river, Read more about The James River: Richmond’s Central Park[…]