Love at First Sight

By Abby Seaberg Vincent Bruno is a high-energy guy. After moving to Richmond from Atlanta last August, 26-year-old Bruno immediately set out to learn everything about Richmond’s history, Richmond’s people and Richmond’s soul. Within two months he was working as a tour guide with RVA on Wheels, spinning visitors around downtown Richmond on Segways while Read more about Love at First Sight[…]

The James River: Richmond’s Central Park

By Caroline Robelen Central Park in Manhattan is a magnet for migrating birds, a green oasis in the middle of a concrete desert. For birds passing through Richmond during their migration, the James River is their Central Park, explains Lewis Barnett, a local birder and computer science professor at the University of Richmond. The river, Read more about The James River: Richmond’s Central Park[…]

Clean is Cozy, but Community is Cozier

By Caroline Robelen Blankets are cozy. Raindrops hitting your window pane are cozy. Trudging through the mud on a drizzly Saturday morning picking up beer cans and cigarette butts is decidedly not cozy. Nor are aching back from bending over and sore arms from lugging one bag for recyclables and another for trash. But despite Read more about Clean is Cozy, but Community is Cozier[…]