National Geographic Global Water Footprint

National Geographic Global Water Footprint

This website is an interactive way to check your water footprint based upon what you consume. It shows where it comes from and how much water comes from certain areas for certain products. On this website you can also look at locations such as the Mississippi River Basin and see how much water is used and for what product in those areas.

This website allows us to understand and be aware of how much of the Earth’s water is being used for each of the common products we use every day such as coffee, corn, barley, cotton, grapes, cocoa, etc. It is important to understand how we are using our water and where that water is coming from. This is especially important because we know that less than 0.3% of our water on the earth is unfrozen fresh water. If we are unaware of how much is being used for the crops we produce and consume, it is possible that we could deplete these water sources quicker than we should be.

(From Kate Desai)

JRA Runoff Calculation

The James River Association has a website that allows residents of the James River Watershed to calculate the water run off of their properties. The website asks a series of questions about the size of the lot, the land use type, the percent cover of roofs, impervious surfaces and  open space. It also takes into account if water spouts or green roofs are in place. The site then generates a report telling the user about their lot, amount of runoff, ways to mitigate their impact and use their rainwater.