Interactive Wildfire Tracker

Anyone may monitor active wildfires that may threaten their home or the homes of loved ones with this interactive map. It provides frequent updates on information about the size of the wildfire and its containment level. It displays wildfires in the United States of all sizes. It aids in determining the direction in which the wildfire is spreading. This website makes it possible to monitor wildfires from any location and can inform users whether they will soon need to evacuate. The percentage of containment is highly helpful in letting people know if the fire will continue to spread or if it has been brought under control.

People are able to read in-depth information about the circumstances that caused this fire to spread and what ignited it. It contains details about the restrictions imposed in the region where the wildfire is. Additionally, it provides details about the incident teams in charge of the fire. This shows the number of personnel and resource types allocated to this fire. This applies to aircrafts, engines, handcrews, and smokejumpers. Both educational and incident information materials can be found on this website. It helps provide a clearer picture of who is at risk and who might be in the near future.