SNOWcast through interactive maps


With much technology advancement, contemporary society demands more accurate weather forecasts. Of all the possible factors for weather forecast, snow forecast is one of the more important weather forecast. This is because now can have detrimental effect on transportation, outdoor activity, etc. Due to the wrong snow forecast, the Fairfax County Public School in Virginia experienced a detrimental effect of having tens of accidents around the schools. Likewise, accurate snow forecast will really help plan to prevent any devastating situation. The intellicast projects different forecasts with maps that are represented at a different angle of the weathers. For snow, it has the delay risk, travel outlook, roadway conditions, snow cover, SNOWcast, 48hr snow, 24hr snow, and many more to inform the public about the possible hazard. Such maps allow the people to easily see and accurately interpret the weather forecast. These information will further help to prevent possible hazard.